ELECTION 2016: The Choice for President is Clear


by Diane Rufino, Nov. 6, 2016

Donald Trump is tireless and determined. He is committed to the movement, a grassroots movement, which wants to clean up government and make it work FOR the People and not against them. Government doesn’t know better, it doesn’t spend MY money prudently OR constitutionally, it is frustrating the American Dream this country once offered to people willing to work for it, and it certainly doesn’t have the American family, America’s communities, and the safety and well-being of its citizens at heart. Too often global interests, foreign policy, voodoo science (ie, offered to support certain business opportunities and interests), and incomprehensible deals take precedence over American interests. AMERICA FIRST! Donald Trump has proven to me his level of commitment and has shown me how hard he is willing to work. I hope he will be our next President. My concern is whether people will understand the stakes of this election and rise to the occasion, and in all honesty, act in thought and deed as our Creator made us — as individuals. We are not political pawns, to be bought and sold for the greater good of a political party which is run by entrenched political elites.

For a moment, put the “R” and the “D” aside and use the noggin that God so generously gave us. There are at least two glaring differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and if these two critical differences don’t seem to have an impact on your choice for president, then shame on you. Your vote determines the strength of our Constitution and the size and nature of our government. Your vote protects our country or erodes it. In short, your vote ensures the security of the country that thankfully (although no longer realistically) still claims the glory and reputation of men like those who fought WWII – ones who defended the freedom given to us by our forefathers and fought for our safety and security. We want that country back. We need that country back.

First, Donald Trump is running for YOU, the American People. There is no doubt about that. He has willingly allowed his faults and his failings and the embarrassments of his past to re-surface, to embarrass his family and to taint their name. He has been willing to take the criticisms and insults of the entirety of the political system (the Democratic Party, the Media, and the Republican Party too), as well as the false allegations that have hurt his reputation. When he could be sitting back and enjoying the fruits of his labor and investments, spending time with his beautiful wife and young son, doting on his many grandchildren, and relaxing at his home in southern Florida, he has volunteered to give all that up for a movement that he believes in and which he believes will right the wrongs in this country which have translated to the mistreatment of the American people in general. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is running for HERSELF. She is an overly-ambitious and career politician who believes she is entitled to the office. To her, it is not about the people or the country but about the historical distinction of being the first woman president. It is about ego and power.

Hillary has been plotting this election for a long time. She played the system and played the American people. When she lost the primary election to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, she made an agreement with him and maybe even with the corrupt Democratic Party. If she would help get Obama elected, it would be her time in 2016. And the Party would support her. She would be made Secretary of State and have the credentials to seek the office of the presidency. But what we couldn’t have imagined is the corruption, the deception, and the ambition she would bring to her position in the State Department in order to advance her plans for the presidency. She cashed in on her “favors” from her husband (for sticking by him and helping cover up his numerous sexual abuses of women as president) and together, she and Bill established the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation would be the vehicle by which Hillary would raise the money she would use to “buy” her the election. As Secretary of State, she repeatedly put the interests of herself and her plans for the presidency over the interests of the country with respect to national security. She sold national secrets and national interests to the “high bidders” on the national scene looking to make certain deals that would either benefit themselves, their companies, or their countries. Our national interests and our national security were subject to her “pay-for-play” schemes. And the money began rolling in – millions and millions and millions of dollars – all into the elicit Clinton Foundation. That is why she had her email set on her personal server. That is why she conducted State business out of her own personal server and not subject to the “eyes” of the federal government, as required by federal law. The government, the American people, could never know what she was really doing as Secretary of State. how she was using her clearance and her power, and what she was doing with classified national security information. The men in Benghazi had to be left to perish because she was conducting business there that could not be exposed to the American people.

After she stepped down as Secretary of State (and I’m not sure if it was because of the “fall” she took which so very coincidentally robbed her of her memory), she and Bill had made a fortune through the deals and the speaking fees and the “one-on-one meetings” and the “face time” with Bill or Hillary and whatever else that they offered to rake in the money. When it came time for the primary election season, she showed the Democratic Party that she is a proven money-maker. She wouldn’t need much money from the national Democratic Party because she had already raised so much. And we all know that money is at the root of all politics. And so the party embraced her and did all it could to ensure that she became the party’s candidate for president. That is why we heard Debra Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic Party communicate through emails how they would discredit Bernie Sanders and hurt his chances in the primary. They didn’t expect him to do so well and they couldn’t allow it. It wasn’t part of their plan. With all the money raised – MISAPPROPRIATED from the State Department – Hillary bribed the media, the manufacturers of the voting machines, and probably even several Republican members of Congress. With so many things taken care of, she just had one minor problem… how to get away with all her criminal activities. How will she get away with all the laws she willingly and intentionally broke? Well, that was easy. She used her influence (after all, the system had already determined that she WILL be the next president of the United States) to shake down the Justice Department (I mean, apply pressure that only the Clintons know how to apply). The meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch for 45 minutes while she was waiting on her plane was no coincidence. And it wasn’t for the opportunity to talk to her about golf and grandchildren.

If you think she acted appropriately when Secretary of State or in her use of the Clinton Foundation, just ask yourself why has the FBI done an about-face and has decided to move the investigation of Hillary Clinton forward. It’s because the agents of the FBI know that there is more than enough evidence to conduct an investigation, enough so that an indictment will be likely (otherwise it would NOT have made the decision to re-open the investigation with 11 days to Election Day; it would have waited until after the American people have casted their votes), and that a miscarriage of justice was done the first time when FBI Director James Comey recommended that no investigation be conducted. The FBI, an independent agency of the Justice Department, by-passed the Oval Office (Obama) and the Justice Department (Loretta Lynch) in issuing its letter calling for the new investigation which shows that the office is trying desperately to restore confidence in its reputation and to restore faith and confidence in its ability to gather facts, conduct investigations, uphold the rule of law, and to seek justice. With its letter of October 29, the FBI is telling the American people that they MUST NOT elect such a corrupt individual, such a flagrant and unrepentant law-breaker, such a willfully abusive politician to the highest office in the land.

SECOND, and just in case you question the motives and sincerity of the two presidential candidates, just look at how each are funding their campaigns. Donald Trump is funding his campaign with his own money. He is criss-crossing the United States many times a day (sometimes 4 and 5 times) to meet with voters and share his plans to Make America Great Again — all on his own dime. He is running his campaign, in charge of his own fundraising, hiring his own security, and arranges his own venues. He owes no one anything.. EXCEPT for the American people who are the ones who have put wind in his sails. They didn’t have to do it. They could have sat back, complained that they didn’t get a polished candidate, and taken their chances on Election Day. He is not bought by any special interest groups and is therefore not controlled by any. He is not a puppet of the Republican Party because although he is running as that party’s candidate, he is doing it HIS way, with his own money. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, could have used the money that she and Bill made in books and speaking fees and other deals to fund her campaign (after all, their net worth increased exponentially in her years as a “public” servant) but instead, chose to accept money from special interests, including foreign interests and most clearly, from the rich and powerful bankers and investors on Wall Street. If anyone dares to question whether contributions buy influence, all he needs to do is look at the speeches given by Hillary to those bankers and investors, which were released by Wikileaks. In those speeches, the “real” Hillary for president was exposed to the American people. She would have two sets of policies. One she would share with the people (and they would believe, just like everyone believed Obama) and the other would be the real policies that she would make for the benefit of the rich and powerful political elites.

Hillary Clinton is as corrupt and as ambitious as it gets. The shocking degree of her ambition alone should scare every voter. She is already prone to the type of evil that has motivated her to the heights she is now. Once in charge of all the instrumentalities of government, once able to wield the full power of the federal government, and once able to exert the influence that only the highest office in the land can exert, I can’t imagine what she could be capable of.

Donald Trump may not always “talk the talk” of an ideal candidate, but he certainly “walks the walk.” I believe this is the Donald Trump that Americans first took notice of, the man they believe can Make America Great Again, and the man they trust to lead the country and to do the right thing for all of our country’s people.



DONALD TRUMP: Daring to Achieve the Impossible

Donald Trump - good pic

by Diane Rufino, June 6, 2016

Mohammed Ali once said: “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” Some think that it is impossible to reverse the destructive course our government is on now. For a long time now people have given up, believing that they are railroaded into one party or another, where neither represents their issues or concerns but each works together to entrench a bloated and corrupt government that is more and more out-of-touch with ordinary people. People have become convinced that their voice and their votes are meaningless, except to advance a party interest, and thus, to transfer power to a powerful political elite. Is democracy, for all intents and purposes, dead? The individual voter is NOT the party. He is merely the dupe who, in numbers, makes the party possible. Yet the two-party system is the only available option/mechanism for voters to translate their voice into political power. The mechanism is corrupt and self-serving.

And then Donald Trump enters the race and for once, we hear a candidate who sounds like he really and truly cares about the ACTUAL issues of the decent, hard-working, law-abiding, personally-responsible, family-loving, well-intentioned, country-loving people. I don’t think that he is using the rhetoric as a political ploy, which is the tactic of every other politician. I don’t even think he thought he was going to be taken seriously as a candidate. I think he genuinely threw his two-cents out there just to say the things that no other politician would say for fear of political suicide. The fact that it resonated with so many people just goes to show that the establishment two party system only cares about its issues and its agenda. And the fact that the GOP for so long tried to find schemes to disenfranchise Trump of the nomination goes to show that the party is not the people. The GOP only embraced him in order to remain politically relevant and to avoid becoming irrelevant.

So, back to the original question: Is it IMPOSSIBLE to turn this country around? Is is impossible to break the stronghold that the establishment has had on this country for too long? Is it impossible to restore limits and sanity to government and to restore historical institutions and foundations so that prosperity and morality can once again define America and its people?

Well, “impossible” is a big word but Donald Trump is not a small man. He’s never been one to sit still while something needs to be changed or improved. I believe he will find and explore the power to seek change – the change to make America “America” again and to make her great again. I believe he will be the leader that this periled time requires. I believe he is capable of the Impossible.

2016: Obama’s America or The People’s America?

      by Diane Rufino, November 9, 2012

As Obama gets set to begin his second term (sob, sob, barf, barf), he’ll no longer have his predecessor (George Bush) to blame for the bad economy. He can only blame the administration before him which was HIS. We know there are a few things we can expect, and none of them are good:

1). The looming fiscal cliff

2). Unemployment (Obamacare officially kicks in in 2014; it will hamper jobs like never before.  Obamacare is directed at businesses that have at least 50 full-time employees. How many small businesses will lay off workers to reduce their out-of-pocket costs?  How many will think twice about growing their business because the cost to do so is just too expensive?)

3). Greater tension in the Middle East (particularly with Israel, as Iran moves forward with its nuclear program)

4). “Backroom” deals with Russia (as he clearly indicated off microphone with the Russian Prime Minister)

5). Sequestration and deep military cuts (in order to pay for entitlements, thereby shifting the primary focus of government from National Security to General Welfare)

6). The end of the Bush-era tax cuts

7). The greatest tax increase on the middle class in the nation’s history (Obamacare contains 21 hidden taxes. New taxes. 7 of them are levied on ALL citizens regardless of income. And 14 additional ones will hit businesses and those making over $250,000. All of these taxes are necessary to supplement the Individual Mandate – also a “tax” according to Justice John Roberts – to pay for the President’s healthcare bill).

8). Greater demands on the wealthy to “pay their fair share” and greater sacrifices on those who are successful, causing them to reconsider major life decisions (such as getting married, buying a house, having children, having additional children, helping their children go to college, vacations, andpaying off debt, including college debt), while requiring no sacrifice on the part of those on entitlements (such as requiring an education, mandatory birth control, a transition to employment within 3- or 5-years, legal US status,drug screening, community service, making sure their children maintain a solid grade point average in school, etc).  In other words, the dynamic will continue to favor dependency because the government rewards that behavior over success and hard work.

9). Young people sacrificing their dream and resigning themselves to a less significant career

10). Appointments to the Supreme Court. One possibility is Hilary Clinton (who agreed to take the fall for Obama in the Benghazi attack of September 11th, during which the government allowed 4 American officials and former Navy Seals to be murdered by refusing to send help, which was already poised to be deployed). The threat this term, besides a Supreme Court decision upholding Gay Marriage and further eroding Religious Rights, is an attack on our Second Amendment rights. We can expect the administration to seek to define precise limits of this right with the intent of limiting individuals to the kinds of weapons they can possess, and how many and how much ammunition.

11). There is a rumor going around that Obama has his team of attorneys looking for a way to get around the constitutional limit of 2 terms as president.  Will he attempt to make himself dictator – and fulfill the prophecy of the “Savior” to all those Americans who want the government to take care of them and to solve all problems? Adolf Hitler rose to power under similar circumstances. Be careful what you wish for.

Let us not be so cavalier with the system that our Founders crafted for us, the one secured by the blood of over a million Americans, and the one that the rest of the world looks to.

The dust barely settled from Tuesday’s election before attention turned, as it should, to the looming fiscal cliff threatening the U.S. economy in the new year. The election outcome didn’t change the fact that America is headed down a path to financial oblivion. In fact, awarding Barack Obama with another four years will most likely assure us of getting to that cliff.  Economists have warned us that we have at most 4 years to turn things around or we will face a severe depression on the magnitude of that suffered by Greece.  And we already see the market players’ response to the election, as reflected by the market’s sharp downturn in the election’s aftermath. They don’t have confidence in the Obama administration. They know his policies and they don’t see how our problems can be solved. Americans rejected the candidate with experience in turning debt and crisis around. The market downturn indicates that businesses and investors believe things will only get worse.

Thanks to the political shenanigans of our elected representatives, a perfect storm of tax hikes and sequestration (which are automatic spending cuts) will hit all at once in January. All of the Bush-era tax rates will expire, sending the five tax brackets anywhere from 20% to 50% higher. The payroll tax cut will expire, costing the average worker over $1,000 next year. The Alternative Minimum Tax patch will also lapse, as will the lower death tax rate. More Obamacare taxes kick on, particularly on the already-targeted top-bracket taxpayers.

Automatic federal spending cuts across the board (except for entitlements, of course) that will be triggered, and the defense cuts in particular, will hurt both our capability and the economy. Indeed, the day after the election, Boeing announced that its defense division will suffer a 30% cut in management jobs, and several facilities in California will close. For obvious reasons, the administration demanded that defense contractors wait until after the election to announce cuts.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced that Republicans would be open for a deal.  He said that they might be open to increased revenues, but only if Democrats agree to keep income tax rates from going up and accede to reduced spending and entitlement reform. Boehner made clear that higher revenue should (and would) come from “a growing economy, energized by a simpler, cleaner, fair tax code, with fewer loopholes and lower rates for all” – which, of course, was the Romney-Ryan plan.  The House Speaker added a day later, “Raising tax rates is unacceptable.”  There was a time when a promise like that would be received with resounding approval by the American people.  But in this new era of America – in Obama’s America – only half of Americans have to fear the federal income tax code.  And so only those who enjoy the freedom from the code could care less when a tax increase is on the table.

We expect an ugly fight from Democrats, who blew up the deficit only to complain that Republicans won’t play the role of tax collector to pay for it. This is especially true of Barack Obama, who has been making the case to the American people that Republicans won’t compromise, while it’s been the Democrats who haven’t put forth any budget plans and it was the Democrats who worked behind closed doors to pass Obamacare – without considering any input from Republicans (such as tort reform) and without a single Republican vote.  President Obama would rather push the economy over the cliff than give up his “new economic patriotism” — i.e., the belief that the wealthy should pay higher tax rates.  How many times have we heard his campaign pitch “The rich need to pay their fair share!”  How many times should they pay taxes on their income or their gains?  According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), those higher rates will hit small businesses extremely hard and likely result in recession.  Also according to the CBO,  the cliff will cause unemployment to spike beyond 9%.

Meanwhile, massive deficits continue unabated. When Obama took office in 2009, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. As of Nov. 1, 2012, it stood at an obscene $16.2 trillion, and his budget proposals will push that number north of $25 trillion by 2022. The U.S. per-person share of government debt, according to the International Monetary Fund, now exceeds $53,400. That’s 35% higher per capita than Greece, which has seen a catastrophic economic collapse.

The federal government has racked up more debt since 2008 than it did in the first 224 years of the Republic. In other words, it took all the presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton to match the debt built up under Obama’s first four years. And as Michelle Obama tweeted before the election, “If this is what the President can do in 4 years, imagine what he can do in twice the time.”  That should scare every right-thinking American out of his or her shoes.  We simply won’t survive as a free nation.  The wealth distribution that will have to result from such a transformation of our system or from an economic crisis will warp speed us into a socialist country.

A good friend of mine tweeted this after the election: “I’ll do Michelle Obama one better…  For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of my country.”

If that’s not enough, the Treasury Department noted last week that the government will again hit the debt ceiling by the end of this year. Yet the only plan Treasury has to address our ballooning debt is to continue printing more money to finance it.  Inflation will continue to rise.  Our national debt will soon be too risky for nations like China to purchase.

The fact that the White House and Congress remain essentially unchanged after the election certainly doesn’t bode well for the nation’s economic plight. Obama undoubtedly views his victory as a mandate for more socialist policies and class warfare.  In his second term, he will seek to complete what he set out to do in his first term – the fundamental transformation of the greatest nation ever created by man.  What sins or failures of our past can justify this transformation?

A government that can create economic stress is in a good position to constrain our liberties. A hungry man thinks about food, not freedom.

In 1700, Alexander Fraser Tyler wrote: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two-hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back again into bondage.”

I’ve written many articles, but the one that is most popular is one I wrote on Secession in 2011.  Never before in modern history have so many people taken an interest in secession and the division of the country into two separate nations.  Why?  They simply want to have at least one place that still is free and protects those that desire freedom above all else.  They are not getting that in the United States anymore.  So what do we do?  Do we let tempers flare?  Do we allow frustrations to intensify?  Do we laugh at these “crazy people” and assume they are just venting?   Do we take them as seriously as Barbra Streisand and Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin who promised to leave the country if George Bush was elected (but never left)?

There is a breaking point, you know.  We all know this from our own lives and from watching the news every time there is a workplace shooting or a suicide or a person kills his or her family because things are just so bleak.  The more the Obama administration senses the frustration with government, the more it will seek to restrain the one right the people still have – the right to own and bear arms.  The more the government senses frustration, the more Executive Orders Obama will pass to put government forces on alert to step in our states and into our communities to keep the peace. We are talking about martial law.

So, what do we do?  Do we perpetuate this cycle of government oppression and individual frustration?  Do we let tempers flare and frustrations intensify and entertain the idea of a divided country?

No, we offer them Thomas Jefferson’s remedy of Nullification and ask them to join the movement to peacefully end the “transformation” that Obama and others before him have done to destroy our constitutional republic.

We ask people to study their history and remember that the nation was founded by individual states who came together to mutually concede which limited powers they would delegate to the federal government, for their benefit, so that they could find protection and prosperity in a Union. The federal government was supposed to respect their borders and individuality and not work feverishly to erase them and to establish a one-size-fits-all approach.  The states who drafted, debated, interpreted, and ratified the Constitution (creating the federal government) are the rightful parties to declare what those powers delegated to the government are.  Therefore, Nullification is power of the states to declare when the government has overstepped its legal bounds under the Constitution and to remind the government that without a rightful exercise of power (as the Supremacy Clause explains), the particular federal law, policy, or federal court decision is null and void and unenforceable on the States and its people.  Nullification is the rightful remedy, as Thomas Jefferson articulated, to restore proper constitutional bounds of power and therefore secure individual liberty. James Madison articulated a similar doctrine – Interposition – which states that states are duty-bound to use nullification and refuse to enforce such law, policy, or decision within their borders.

It takes good and decent, concerned citizens to make a difference.

Recall the Sons of Liberty, with members such as Samuel Adams and John Hancock and Paul Revere and Patrick Henry. The Sons of Liberty, which started out as a small secret organization, set in motion a series of events that eventually resulted in our country’s independence.  In fact, it’s most doubtful that the Revolution would have happened without this group of liberty-minded agitators.  How did they get things rolling?  They started with simple acts of civil disobedience – like protesting a tax on documents (the Stamp Act) and dumping some tea into the Boston Harbor because they opposed the tax on tea.  They organized demonstrations, forced officials of the Crown to resign, circulated petitions, published newspaper articles, and distributed handbills. They started in Connecticut, spread to Massachusetts and New York, and soon there was a group in every one of the 13 colonies.  When the stamps arrived in the colonies from England which would be affixed to various documents, including newspapers, pamphlets, deeds, licenses, and other legal documents, diplomas, bibles, calendars, and playing cards, the Sons of Liberty organized to threaten and intimidate those officials appointed to apply the stamps. Thanks to the Sons of Liberty, the Stamp Act could not be enforced.  When the King responded with further oppressive measures – which Jefferson would refer to as “abuses and usurpations” of their rights – the patriotic resistance grew.  By 1766, there were thousands of members in each colony.  Soon others were encouraged to address their grievances against the Crown by similar acts of disobedience.  And we all know what eventually happened.  We fought the Revolutionary War and gained our independence.

We don’t want another war but we do want our independence again.  And Nullification is the answer.  Otherwise, I fear, there will be a revolution.

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